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 Posted: Mon Sep 23rd, 2019 05:40 pm
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Found a few sites that reported the following Marvel animated shows will be on Disney+:

-1979 Spider-Woman
-1980/81 Spider-Man (solo)
-1982-1984 Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends
-1994-1995 Iron Man
-1994-1995 Fantastic Four
-1992-1997 X-men (FOX)
-1998 Silver Surfer
-1999 Spider-Man Unlimited (I think this is the one where he goes to "Counter-Earth" and it's like the Sweet Pickles Bus)

That's a good chunk to get them started.

I'm guessing the licensed stuff from the 80's (GI Joe, Transformers, etc) is owned by Hasbro and what not. Makes sense that it would not pop-up.

I wouldn't be surprised if the 1987 "Pryde of the X-men" one day shows up as their version of a "Hidden Gem".