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 Posted: Tue Sep 24th, 2019 01:59 pm
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Booker T discussed Kenny Omega's shot at WWE NXT on his ESPN 97.5 radio show in Houston, TX yesterday, noting that Omega could have been in character and you have to ask when you should and shouldn't be in character. He questioned that when you are in character, "when shouldn't you be in character?" and asked whether you should be in character when you are talking to the media. Booker said that the job is to get people talking, as Booker did awhile back when he said he wished he could catch Corey Graves in a Starbucks, noting he didn't really mean that, but was in character, and got websites and fans talking.

Booker said Omega didn't really disrespect anyone and when Omega sees those talents down the line, he's just going to say he was working. He said, "When you a rock star, you gotta talk like that." He said you have to talk things up and make them bigger than they actually are.

Booker said he wouldn't have been offended if he was in WWE NXT. He said that it's a war and in war, "sometimes, there's friendly fire and casualties." He said that a shot was fired across the bow and he likes that, because "we" have to fire one back. He noted that means a larger, faster shot could be fired back with a "bigger boom."

This thread was great before AA ruined it.