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 Posted: Tue Sep 24th, 2019 08:14 pm
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As I type, there are 3,433 tickets on StubHub for the Washington DC TV debut with a get in price of $6. That's not just one guy putting them up for that price in a desperate attempt to get rid of them. There are lots at and near that price. That is a lot of tickets considering the capacity of the venue and the expected crowd. For contrast, I attended Raiders-Vikings at US Bank Stadium this past Sunday and sold a pair of spare tickets on StubHub. With the same amount of time before that game as we are from AEW in DC, there were fewer Vikes tickets on sale via StubHub in a 66,500 capacity stadium than there are for a wrestling arena that's probably scaled in the 13,000 to 15,000 range.

For the Philadelphia taping, there are 2,378 tickets available with a get in price of $6, again there are lots in and around that price point.

The Boston card has 1,151 available, but the get in price there is $44.

The Pittsburgh taping has 975 tickets available with a $28 get in price. It's Peterson Events Center which is Pitt's basketball arena on campus. The capacity for hoops is 12,000 or so. With seat kills, it's probably closer to 8,000.

Charleston, WV has 841 tickets with a $34 get in. Charlotte, at the old arena that JCP used to run and where Flair beat Vader at Starrcade, there are 646 tickets with a $43 get in price. The Baltimore card has 1,188 on sale with a $40 get in at the same arena the WWE uses. Nashville has 489 with a $30 get in at Municipal Auditorium where 30 years ago Flair beat Steamboat and then got piledriven by Funk. They're going back to Chicago at the usual arena, but with a quicker turnaround; 1,195 tickets available with a $25 get in. That's all that's on the slate so far.

For that last batch of cards, I have no idea about capacities, set ups, and the number of tickets sold via the non third party market so far.