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 Posted: Tue Sep 24th, 2019 09:13 pm
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For what it is worth, a lot of those early Nitros from the last few months of 1995 and farther into 1996 than you'd imagine had trouble drawing. More than one Nitro in that timeframe would do such things as not opening the upper deck, putting all the fans on the side shot by the hard camera while keeping seats empty on the side not shot by the camera, and putting the ring not at center ice/midcourt but rather at a blue line/free throw line to in effect use less of the arena. Raw used those tricks too. If AEW has some falling off in crowds once the StubHub speculators go away, it's not the seed of doom being planted. Hopefully the people in the promotion and the fans caught up in the wave won't take it too badly to heart if a lot of seats go empty this fall despite being sold and the promotion has to scale back buildings the next time through certain markets.