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 Posted: Wed Sep 25th, 2019 01:44 am
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Superstar wrote: Going to assume that you didn’t vote for Tully and Arn based on their lack of longevity as a team. Normally I would agree with this, but at a time when the business was handled differently, they held both the NWA and WWF World Tag Team Championship within I believe a 12 month period, possibly even less time (they left the NWA one night after dropping the straps, then won the WWF straps at Summerslam).

I don’t have as much history as you, so I don’t have really any idea on Bearcat or Torres. I like the other choices, and would have somehow tried to fit the Stomper into that set of votes.

Love the vote for Trish Stratus, as far as performers go in the modern era, male or female, she made as much or more impact than 90% of her peers. Thinking about how she was barking eye candy, and somehow turned into the legendary figure that she is, is just remarkable. She was awful at the start but worked her ass off.

I wouldn’t ever vote for Randy Orton over Edge. Simply put, Vince wanted Orton to be the next big thing, and never gave two shits about Edge. He worked his ass off to get everything he got, had nothing handed to him, and was more over than almost the entire roster for both a face and heel. He was so over that even the smart fans booed him when they were supposed to because they respected him so much.

I don’t have a huge background in the other categories, so I would have not voted for the Europe category. I would have replaced those two with Tully/Arn and George Scott. I would have fit in Stomper over Torres because I just don’t know Torres. And I would vote Edge over Orton, but think both are HOFers. I just think Orton should have to be retired before I vote for him.

I have zero fault with who you voted for, just adding my two cents because you asked.I didn't go with Tully and Arn because even though they held the NWA tag belts twice, it wasn't that important a title around then. As far as their WWF run, they only held the straps for a mere 2 months and only made one Wrestlemania apperance.

Enrique Torres was a very big star when wrestling was first introduced to television. He held a version of the world title for about a year. He headlined extensively in California, Texas, San Franciso, and Georgia among others. He even headlined with his brother in pre-Castro Cuba.

Bearcat Wright also held the California version of the world title and was a major headliner on the East Coast also. He would go seamlessly between heel or face depending on the territory. He was second only to Bobo as far as black stars.

Trish definitely belongs in my book because she really put ladies wrestling on the map for the 21st Century. A modern day pioneer.
Randy Orton is another guy who works seamlessly between heel and face even though he's a natural heel. His placement on the card as well as the quality of his matches has been very consistent for at least ten years.

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