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 Posted: Wed Sep 25th, 2019 09:38 am
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1/27/1958 Boston MA
Steve Crusher Casey beat Bozo Brown
Steve Crusher Casey beat Frank Shields
Chief Big Heart beat Angelo Savoldi
Sheik beat Emile Dupre
Bob Nandor beat Soldier Barry

1/29/1958 Holyoke MA
Steve Casey beat Soldier Barry
Lolita Valdez beat Honey Melody
Hank Waishek beat Leon Juszkiewicz

2/1/1958 New London CT
Steve Crusher Casey vs Angelo Savoldi & Ivan Kerolinko

2/5/1958 Holyoke MA
Steve Casey beat Sheik DQ
Emil Dupre beat Soldier Barry
Alma Mills beat Lulu LaMar

2/10/1958 Boston MA
Steve Crusher Casey beat Ludwig von Krupp
Luis Martinez beat Sheik DQ
Emile Dupre beat Bozo Brown
Chuck Conley draw Frank Shields

2/12/1958 Holyoke MA
Steve Casey beat Duke Livingston
Vinnie Garibaldi beat Sir Robert Randall
Jesse James beat Manuel Bonica

3/4/1958 Holyoke MA
Steve Casey draw Chris Tolos
Ludwig von Krupp draw Lou LaCourse
Hank Waishek DDQ George LaCourse

3/17/1958 Boston MA
Steve Casey beat Wolfman Alexander
Bearcat Wright beat Gene Dubuque
Sonny Boy Cassidy & Farmer Pete beat Elmer Jay & Vincent Garibaldi
Emile Dupre beat Frank Shields

3/31/1958 Boston MA
Steve Crusher Casey beat Jerry Graham DQ
Bearcat Wright beat Bozo Brown
Emile Dupre beat Paul Berger
Chuck Conley draw Ronnie Hill

4/7/1958 Boston MA
Bearcat Wright draw Steve Crusher Casey
Chris & John Tolos beat Pat O'Connor & Arnold Skaaland
Roy Shire beat Emile Dupre
Danny McShain beat Chris Belkas

5/16/1958 Cohasset MA
Steve Crusher Casey vs Chuck Conley
Emile Dupre vs Ronnie Hill
Frank Shields vs Bozo Brown

7/12/1958 Boston MA
Steve Crusher Casey referee
Killer Kowalski beat Dick the Bruiser
Edouard Carpentier beat Mr Hito
Yukon Eric beat Don Leo Jonathan
Pat O'Connor beat Lou Plummer
Danny McShain & Ray Shire beat Manuel Cortez & Larry Moquin

9/13/1958 Boston MA
Steve Crusher Casey referee
Antonino Rocca & Verne Gagne beat Mr Moto & Mr Hito
Paul Anderson beat Mike Sharpe
Pat O'Connor beat Ben Sharpe
Enrique Torres beat Joe Christie
Emile Dupre beat Frank Valois
Larry Moquin draw Guy Larose

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