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 Posted: Fri Sep 27th, 2019 01:10 am
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carpetbeggar wrote: carpetbeggar wrote:

ACDC: Live At River Plate (2012) (More a fan of the concert video they released of those shows. I think they did two concerts there, back to back. Those Argentinians were boppin' and a rockin' that night. The energy was incredible. I would have loved to have experienced that in person. I only saw them once in Boston back in 2000. It was an amazing show. They definitely deliver. I feel bad for those that never got to experience them live.....Wong, did you ever get the chance to see them with Bon?)

I saw them twice with Bon. Once while I was working at the Palladium when they opened for the Dictators (criminally underrated band) and then in August of 1979 when they opened up for Nugent at the Garden. The NYPD went on the record in the Daily News the next day that it was the rowdiest show they ever saw there.

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