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 Posted: Sat Sep 28th, 2019 08:42 am
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UK Rampage 1993! 

The WWF puts on a strangely booked TV special for their UK fans. 
- The longest match features Samu the a singles bout. 
- Doink the EVIL clown outwits Kamala.
- A former World champ has possibly the worst match on the show. 
- Typhoon takes nearly 10 mins to end the threat of the Brooklyn Brawler.
- Shawn Michaels is tasked with carrying Crush to something watchable. 
- Noted promo savant Mr. Fuji is given a live mic and too much time. 
- The UK fans rally behind American Hero "Hacksaw" Duggan as he fights Lex Luger in the headliner. 
- I run down all the major talent left off this stinker of a show and why they possibly missed this tour. 
- Bobby Heenan and JR almost save the show with great commentary and humor throughout.