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 Posted: Mon Sep 30th, 2019 12:47 pm
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In hindsight, with 1984 just days away, it seems like this should have been a given and not at all shocking, but the sea change that hit the WWF that year really wasn't much in effect.  For me, the two standout events of the previous 6 months were the televised tag title switch to Johnson/Atlas, and the Snuka cage match at MSG, both of which were matches/angles that wouldn't seem out of place at any other time during the Backlund era.  It wasn't obvious that things were about to get turned on their head.  Hogan, Piper, Okerlund, Orndorff, Ventura, none of them were on the scene.  So the title change was pretty damn surprising to me, especially that it was Sheik.  Backlund's two main adversaries for much of that year -- Slaughter and Masked Superstar -- seemed so much better suited for a title victory, even if they had to be transitional champs.