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 Posted: Mon Sep 30th, 2019 05:28 pm
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I prefer "Live After Death" and is what I immediately thought of, when I saw this thread. "Scream for Me, Long Beach!" will always be in my lexicon.
srossi wrote: The Doc wrote: I like a lot of the choices already posted. I’ll just throw in Iron Maiden “Live After Death” to add to the list.
I like "Maiden England" more, although that might not count because I think it was originally a VHS release and then maybe it came out on CD later.  Can't remember.
Originally a VHS show released in 1989. A mini 6 song EP CD of what would become known as "Maiden England" was released as part of the bi-weekly "The First 10 Years" in 1990-- in the UK and Europe only. If you bought all 10 CDs, you could send in their respective vouchers and get a special box-set storage thingie. 

All 10 CDs eventually made their way, over here, and were pretty coveted among Maiden fans in the early 90's. I ended up with 7 of them. Had their singles and cool b-sides, released in chronological order.

"Maiden England" -- the full show-- was re-released in 2013.

Sorry...went off on a tangent with my Maiden fandom. I got into the bootleg trading scene, circa 2002 or so and ended up with a ton of high-quality live Maiden shows from 1979 to 2000's. Overall, I think their live shows lost some bite, around 1986/1987 with the "Somewhere on Tour" shows.

I have a Tool "Lateralus" show from 2001. That's my unofficial favorite live album. Maynard on having King Crimson open up for them, that night: "this is like Britney Spears getting to play with Debbie Gibson. Or Lenny Kravitz getting to play with Led Zeppelin. It's like that... but it isn't".

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