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 Posted: Tue Oct 1st, 2019 06:52 pm
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I would love to see Wade Barrett back in wrestling. He was a fantastic talker. I guess he had a lot of injuries, but I think he deserved more than he got in WWE.

Brad Maddox on the other hand... They might as well bring in Barry Horowitz for all it would be worth.

If the AEW guys are being given exclusive, WWE-style, contracts, they need to start doing house shows. They can't pay the guys full time money for 52 nights of TV and 4 PPVs a year, not even factoring in that not everyone is on every show. On the other hand, if they are paying the wrestlers a sensible rate, the AEW schedule won't pay them what they were getting on the indies. I'm guessing some happy medium where AEW acts as their booking agent. "Hi, Cody, can we book the Young Bucks?" "No, but I can offer you the Librarians."

As I said earlier, Luger only worked because Nitro #1 was unopposed. They were banking on getting a good chuck of the Raw audience who would WTF when they saw Luger. AEW can't do this when they are up against NXT. They need to advertise to get people to watch in the first place. They can't just advertise "a surprise" because if it's not Punk, people will be disappointed. I think the AEW rodter is fine as it is. I can't think of anyone realistic that would move the needle for them. They need to just build a solid product and let the audience grow. I think one advantage they have is that NXT is on the WWE Network the very next day, and they have the replay on TNT straight away. People don't HAVE to choose one or the other, it's pretty easy to watch both without getting spoilers. It's not 1995-2001 anymore (a mistake TNA made). This wrestling war will play out differently, and it's possible for both AEW and NXT to win.

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