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 Posted: Wed Oct 2nd, 2019 09:06 pm
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Spatulapup wrote: Superstar wrote: Spatulapup wrote: I think Hogan had signed with them in November or early December.Not sure how true what I'm about to say about what the timing is for signing Hogan since nobody seems to know for sure, but what I remember reading at one point was that Hogan signed with WWF after he had allegedly committed to appear at Starrcade '83, and Vince told him that he wasn't going to show up at that card.  Supposedly Hogan also informed Verne the night of when he was supposed to be returning from Japan to wrestle for AWA at one of their bigger "end of the year" cards that he wasn't coming and that he wasn't ever coming back.  He was willing to do business the right way but Vince gave him more money to just not show up - I read something like he doubled Hogan's expected payday for the half dozen events and told him to stay home.

Meltzer has said Hogan was never scheduled for Starrcade 83 and that it was a mistake by the wrestling magazine. when Starrcade 83 was going on Hogan was wrestling in Japan. his japan tour started on November 19 1983 and ended December 10 1983. i dont know how far ahead japan tours were planned back then. its depends on who you believe too. Greg Gagne says Hogan gave last minute notice he was not returning. 
and i have read Vince went to Japan and made the deal with him over there and that Andre brought them together because he was on the same tour of japan. who knows, again depends on who you believe. 
I think Greg Gagne claims Andre leaked to Vince that Verne was planning Hogan vs Andre matches in the AWA in February 1984 so Vince wanted to make sure that didnt happen. But Greg Gagne could be full of crap.

I believe Meltzer on this one.  Although Starrcade did import the Abby vs. Colon match from Puerto Rico (as a fairly short and meaningless mid-card match), everyone else was a JCP guy or had years of exposure in the NWA.  How would Hogan fit into that?  Who would his opponent had been and what would be the pay-off or the plans going forward for him?  Hogan clearly wasn't staying with the NWA.  And he wouldn't pick a one-off at Starrcade over staying in Japan, which was his bread and butter barring a WWF deal.  It makes no sense.

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.