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 Posted: Thu Oct 3rd, 2019 12:11 am
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I don't know about Japan, but Hogan said Vince came out to Minnesota to meet with him and after several hours they made a deal. He also said it was hard to leave because he had spent time with both Verne and Bockwinkel booking a series of cage matches around the territory for the next month or so.

Greg Gagne's version is Verne received a telegram in Dec. 83 informing him "I'm not coming back" or something like that. It was from Tampa, FL though so Verne assumed it was Eddie Graham playing a rib on him. But when Hogan didn't show up Greg called and asked where he was. Hulk said he was going to NY and asked if they received his telegram. Greg said he could go but finish out your dates here first. Then Hulk allegedly told him Vince was paying him more not to show up.

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