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 Posted: Thu Oct 3rd, 2019 05:55 pm
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krazykid18 wrote: Religion is a beautiful thing man got this man's family outright embarrassing themselves

The court accidentally showed bodycam footage of Botham bleeding out to the family against their wishes, they heard how Amber did not make any serious life saving attempts, they heard how she was only concerned about losing her job, they heard her slander Botham by saying he was going to kill her, they saw texts of her admitting to being racist, they saw posts and texts of her fantasizing about hurting and killing people, they heard how she wanted to party with another officer who killed an unarmed black man just 48 hours after Botham's death.
and you got the brother wanting to hug her, the father wanting to be her friend, the judge giving her a big hug.... man if i didn't know better i would say this family didn't like this dude at all
Agreed. I was watching it live when the brother hugged her. I was marking out that he was going to guillotine choke Officer Amber. When do judges hug murderers? I am a proud white man but I do see where blacks have been grossly mistreated even in this present day. By doing this doesn't help your cause none.

by the blood of jesus i rebuke you ,you foul mouth lying satan jesusjesus hallelujah,halleujah be gone you evil spirit