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 Posted: Fri Oct 4th, 2019 05:47 pm
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September of 1985 sees...
- A legendary baseball announcer is rumored to join the WWF's new venture into PPV
- Hillbilly weddings are all the rage!
- Roddy Piper hosts a CBS primetime special full of stars from music, wrestling, sports and TV. 
- Hulk Hogan is injured. What top heels nearly were earmarked for "replacing" the Hulkster on top?
- A talent swap amongst managers leads to a dramatic gimmick change for a former championship contender. 
- A Hall of Famer makes his final in ring appearance at nearly 70 years of a cage match no less!
- Gagne and Crockett bring a cavalcade of stars to battle Vince in several cities.
- The WWF squanders their new hot Montreal talent almost right away. 
- A former AWA World champ made a surprise one off appearance at MSG. 
- Roddy Piper and Bruno kick off their hot feud. 
- Despite featuring the AWA and NWA world champions, among other mega stars, the NWA branch of St. Louis wrestling is dealt a final death blow by Vince McMahon's maneuvering.