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 Posted: Sat Oct 5th, 2019 09:36 am
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Ya’ll knew this was coming.

Stu Spatula is home alone obsessing over his broken life with a couple of empty bottles of Mad Dog. Telling jokes to a cum-ridden and puss-spotted mirror.   Sad life.  Maybe had a family at one time.  They too got tired of the jokes and the failures.  A depressed soul looking to get a little attention from a small community on an internetz message board.  A community that is made up of usernames and no faces who won’t judge his pitiful life up to this point.  It is not a lot of attention, but it is more than he gets in his real life.  

“I really wanted to be a good comedian, Ma. It just didn’t work out. But, I tried hard. I really did, Ma. I’m sorry.”

10 months later and still pouting about getting banned from a pro wrestling message board.

And people are saying our society is just fine. 😆

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