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 Posted: Sun Oct 6th, 2019 03:40 pm
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Heenan Fan wrote: Chicago (4.5) vs Oakland (London) Chi will cover
Baltimore (3.5) at Pittsburgh Pitt
Arizona at Cincy (3.5) AZ
Jacksonville at Carolina (3.5) Abstain. This game is tricky.
Minnesota (5.5) at NY Giants NYG cover
New England (15.5) at Washington NE cover
NY Jets at Philly (14) Philly, Jets cover
Tampa Bay at New Orleans (3.5) NO cover
Atlanta at Houston (5) Houston cover
Buffalo at Tennessee 93) Buffs
Denver at LA Chargers (6.5) Super Chargers cover
Green Bay at Dallas (3.5) Dallas by 3
Indy at Kansas City (11) KC cover
Cleveland at San Fran (3.5) Abstain. Niners with two many injured players. Browns probably win outright.


Pussy cunt wager.  

Afraid to take a a guess on message board. What a goof. 

“Yes, I would like to abstain from guessing on a football game.”   Dumb ass!

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