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 Posted: Sun Oct 6th, 2019 04:41 pm
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Have the match start as normal between Kofi and Brock.  Use the same opening salvo, but have Kingston kick out in time.  Then have Brock pummel the champ for a bit, but can't secure the pin.  Kofi gets in some offense, but Brock takes him to Suplex City and one more F-5, then cover.  Just as he lays on top of Kingston, Rey's music hits and out comes Mysterio.  Brock gets up and see him on the top of the ramp.  He gets up and goes to the ropes and messages Rey to come fight him.  Then as Mysterio walks towards the ring, Lesnar exits the squared circle and heads for the former champ.

But before Brock gets close, out of the crowd comes Valesquez and attacks the Beast Incarnate!  Ref calls for the bell and Kofi retains.  Cain and Brock brawl until refs and security come pull them apart.  The show ends as Lesnar is shocked at Cain's appearance.
As stated, this feud doesn't need to have the title on Brock to work.

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