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 Posted: Mon Oct 7th, 2019 02:30 am
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Superstar wrote: Can you explain for us non-viewers? I get the part about it being a bad match but how did they kill off Bray? I for one think Rollins is the drizzling shits in the ring and a complete channel changer when he has a mic.

This match only had two endings that would make sense since they booked themselves into a corner for no reason..Bray Wyatt destroys Seth and becomes universal champion or Undertaker comes out and him and The Fiend brawl setting up a match at Super Showdown 3 or 4 or Survivor Series...

What we got was a overbooked, just absurdly comical match with the Fiend taking 20 finishers in a row, laid out cold, weapons upon weapons being thrown on him Seth getting the sledgehammer with weapons on an outcold Fiend and the ref giving pep a talk like no don't do it and then Seth proceeds to hit him with the sledgehammer and  ref stops and calls for the bell in Hell in a Cell match .... and then the EMT's and them come out and Fiend then attacks Seth and mandible claw to get his hear back....all that with the fans shitting on the last 10 mins of this match when the overbooking became unbearable to watch

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