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 Posted: Mon Oct 7th, 2019 06:39 am
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My .02c

I felt like I was watching that match on the Nintento VirtualBoy. They have done this weird lighting thing with Kane and Sin Cara in the past, and it never lasts, because it looks shit.

Wrestling has evolved. This was a match that looked about 25 years old, but was paced in slow-motion.

Seth Rollins has moved into Randy Orton territory for me. Hard to fault him technically, but he doesn't look like he "gets" pro-wrestling. I understand why Vince likes him.

If I ran a wrestling company, I would make it a sackable offence to be wandering around every side of the ring, searching underneath for the right piece of plunder. You're a fucking professional, you can plan this stuff in advance.

There will be people at USA and FOX that think they have wasted a lot of money to buy half the WWE, and this will prove their point. I think the only positive for WWE is that this was only on the network.

We all KNEW they had to come up with a fuck finish, so we can't complain too much about it. The crowd shit on it hard, though. That might be the worst sustained crowd reaction I have ever heard.

The end of the show with the blood was straight out of a no-budget C-grade horror movie. As hokey as any Broken Universe stuff, and a lot less entertaining. I can't imagine the process that ended up with this on our screens.

Clearly this is all a plot by Vince McMahon. Vince is behind AEW, obviously. This is his master plan to defeat NXT and punish Triple H for making him look bad.

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