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 Posted: Mon Oct 7th, 2019 02:38 pm
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krazykid18 wrote: Now that initial reaction is gone, sources say Vince wanted to book it like a horror movie so i can guess i sort of see his vision and how it played out but WWE and booking over the long haul has been a problem in the las ten years so we will seeWhat you just wrote sounds so ridiculously far fetched that I think it's spot on when it comes to Vince.  He can't even book a horror movie correctly. 

I like Bray Wyatt, every character he's tried has gotten over, and I think it's because the fans legit like how creative he is when it comes to his character.  When I saw that first fun house promo, I just shit all over it because I thought that Vince had gone totally off the rails.  But as a few weeks went by, you could see that the idea was that Bray is a total psychopath and it all made sense.  But now?  I have to think that Bray was not involved at all in that booking.  I felt that Bray needed to go over here, and then if you don't want the belt on him long term, you figure out a way to take it off of him - like you said earlier, have 'Taker provide the ultimate distraction and Bray gets schoolboyed for a quick 3 count and didn't even see it coming.  It would set up a Taker match somewhere, probably not 'Mania because I would think that 'Taker would be putting Bray over and they don't want to completely ruin his WM legacy by jobbing him three times in his last four matches there.

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