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 Posted: Mon Oct 7th, 2019 03:42 pm
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Papa Voo wrote: No matter which way this all goes, it is going to get real messy.

Both parties to blame as they fight to control the money.

I watched a clip from the Stephanopoulos show and there was a Rep. Jim Jordan on there being interviewed. The guy seemed like a demented nut case. Real edgy and was just rambling the same shit over and over. I am not basing this on his ideology, but just the way he could not even present himself in a decent manner. He reminded me of the local pain in the ass at the local watering hole who wants to keep bringing up politics but knows nothing about it except for a few buzzwords.

I've turned off cable news.  I can't watch anything.  CNN, Fox, MSNBC make me wretch.
I try to read as much as I can because I feel like it is easier to sift through the bullshit.  Left, right, everything.
I read the transcripts of what these guys say. They all take their words directly from Trump.  It's like they're in lockstep.  Like they're copying off each other's test in class.
Witch Hunt, Coup, they don't even change the wording or the way it's presented.
Jim Jordan and the other asshole that made a fool of himself at Mueller's hearing are the biggest culprits.  At least hypocrites like Graham and McConnell try to cloak it and do a little CYA in case shit hits the fan.  But, I guess that's why they're in the upper chamber.