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 Posted: Mon Oct 7th, 2019 05:58 pm
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I think the HIAC finish was the pressure of fan dissatisfaction finally exploding. Fans are upset over the match and the finish, but it isn't that match in a vacuum. It's everything else that's happened recently that has people fed up.

Regarding Seth, you made a good point. I was in the car a few minutes ago and had Busted Open Radio on SiriusXM. It's the wrestling show on its combat sports station. I always forget the host's name, but he is on every show and the co-host chair rotates between Mark Henry, Bully Ray, and Tommy Dreamer. Today Bully Ray was on and he said that there is something missing with Seth that keeps him a from becoming a true superstar. He has great music, a great catchphrase, a great look, and does well in the ring, but something isn't there. The main host pointed out that when Seth opens his mouth, it's just words coming out. There isn't any real emotion behind hit. Fans have no reason to buy in. They both agreed that when Seth beat Brock and the fans went nuts, it wasn't that Seth won, but because Brock lost. On top of that, Seth was harmed by the heel he was against being far more over as a babyface than he was and that if fans had seen Bray kick Seth's ass and take the title in rapid fashion, the reaction to the PPV would be totally different today.

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