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 Posted: Mon Oct 7th, 2019 07:02 pm
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What I really want to rail on is how bad the flow and pacing of the main event was. It just went on and on. It wasn't as if it was action packed, the guys worked slow which is fine. It just took too long setting up "spots". How many times do they have to do their finishers?
Did Bray really need to spend the time pulling up the mat to do whatever he did to Seth on the bare concrete?
Just do it on the ramp.
End it already. Especially with the fans being very angry and wanting it to be over. This was a different type of anger with the fans and not the type where the wrestlers "have them in the palm of their hand", chinlock on for 10 minutes type heat. This was you just killed the town type heat. I would like to think that if this was Bret Hart, HBK, Austin, Hogan (take your pick from the guys who worked territories) in that match that they could have switched up on the fly to salvage something out of it. Bray and Seth I am sure could have to if they were not brought up in the biz having their promos scripted and matches over produced right down to every little detail.