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 Posted: Tue Oct 8th, 2019 04:25 pm
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tamalie wrote: Impeachment is a serious thing. You shouldn't go down that road unless you're certain it'll work because of the damage done on multiple levels if it doesn't. It is possible to investigate heavily and hold extensive hearings without motioning for impeachment. Then, congress should move to impeach if the evidence was substantial and it had a legitimate smoking gun along the lines of the one that ultimately forced Richard Nixon to resign when he knew impeachment was coming and he'd lose badly. Anything prior to that is premature. I think congress went too early and if nothing comes of this or if Trump survives impeachment, he will be stronger for it politically.
The inquiry is not motioning for impeachment yet.  It gives the House the means to investigate.  They'd still have to hold the impeachment vote.
IMO, whether he survives or not, I don't feel this galvanizes Trump because his base doesn't grow.  I think a lot of people know the Senate won't impeach, even if damning information comes out, because they lick his boots in lockstep.
Also, regardless of the popular vote (he won't win California or New York), he will probably still win Texas and Florida.  How he performs in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota will determine whether he wins again.  The purple Midwest and rust belt that Hillary ignored the last election is what gave him the win in 2016.

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