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 Posted: Tue Oct 8th, 2019 05:19 pm
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srossi wrote: nyhack56 wrote:
IMO, whether he survives or not, I don't feel this galvanizes Trump because his base doesn't grow.  I think a lot of people know the Senate won't impeach, even if damning information comes out, because they lick his boots in lockstep.

What it does is make the entire 2020 election about impeachment and not about the Democratic ideas for moving forward, which will turn off moderates and independents.  The whole election cycle was going to be (and is) a circus anyway, but this really takes all the focus off of anything serious and the media will only want to talk about this.  That isn't good for the Dems.  They need to galvanize voters to come out, and this isn't the way to do that.     

True, and that will depend on the media making that the focus, and if the Dem candidates are dumb enough to fall for it.
The ones right now harping on impeachment right now are the ones trailing big in the polls.