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 Posted: Wed Oct 9th, 2019 11:17 pm
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tamalie wrote: I'm not expecting to see this at any time soon if at all, but I'd love to see some raw footage of say two hours of guys cutting house show promos from whatever the promotion they may have stuff like this from. I've been going through YouTube recently watching whatever house show interviews I can find. Assuming the stuff wasn't junked or taped over, the WWE probably has a lot of this lying around. The WWWF/WWF, AWA, JCP, Mid-South, and other groups ran those kinds of promos inserted on tape between the match segments.

As much of a hassle as it would have been, when house show business fell off for the WWF in 1992 and stayed down for years afterwards, but the promotion was still reliant on local syndication to drive house show ticket sales, that would have been a good time to move away from the Events Center generic promos to localized ones. Having Sean Mooney or later Todd Pettengill hype the WWF coming to Pittsburgh Civic Arena with Bret Hart cutting a prerecorded promo on Shawn Michaels or Owen Hart that was used again for the San Francisco, Peoria, Cincinnati, Orlando, and Louisville inserts with only the announcer redoing the city name probably saved time and a bit of money.

However, having localized references and mentions of things that happened at the last card in the event of rematches would always catch the eye of a watching fan, not to mention the fact that the interplay between wrestler and interviewer was absent in the Events Center segments and that back and forth did a lot to catch attention as well, especially while Mean Gene still did the segments.

This would be great.  I enjoyed and was entertained by the localized references.  
I doubt if we ever see anything like that. 

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