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 Posted: Thu Oct 10th, 2019 03:42 pm
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A year or two ago at least one match from this taping wound up on the network. The WWF had recently started its Super Astros show. This was a 30 minute weekly show on Univision. It combined the leftover Los Boricuas, the Mexican minis the WWF had under contract for a while, luchadors who mainly came from CMLL like Apolo Dantes and Rey Bucanero, and lucha oriented guys like Taka Michinoku and Shoichi Funaki. The problems were taping at Raw in front of fans who had no idea who these guys were and didn't care as well a failure to recognize that people of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent have little in common culturally apart from language. So Mexican-Americans or Mexican immigrants who wanted to see a lucha libre show had no time for the former Los Boricuas and Puerto Ricans who had seen the WWC down in Puerto Rico or on TV in NYC wanted to see Savio Vega and company, not the lucha libre guys. It lasted about a year and then ended when Smackdown started and the WWF didn't have the time or resources to produce the show.

Konnan had long been bugging Eric Bischoff about having WCW produce a show with all its luchadors that could air on one of the Spanish language networks Stateside and then be sold to TV companies abroad in not only Mexico, but also in Central America where there are a lot of small lucha libre groups inspired by Mexican TV and touring promotions. This taping in Waco, TX at the Ferrell Center on 1/27/99 happened when Bischoff finally broke down and agreed, partly out of not wanting WWF Super Astros to take a market WCW could have had but ignored. The taping had WCW's luchadors, some luchadors brought in from Mexico for the taping, some non WCW luchadors who could work the style, and Disco Inferno who was and is a good friend of Konnan who wasn't a luchador, but had a good gimmick for lucha libre and was almost too generous in his willingness to sell and put over anything. I am not sure why nothing more came of it than this taping. With Univsion not available, Galavision owned by Univision, and the number of Spanish language cable channels still very small, it’s possible that if Telemundo wasn’t interested that there was nowhere to air this show.