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 Posted: Thu Oct 10th, 2019 08:39 pm
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a few of results for St. Joseph, MO and 1 for Beatrice, NE..

2/12/87 St. Joseph, MO - Civic Arena
Mitch Snow beat Teijo Khan, (9 minutes, inside cradle)
Brady Boone beat Colt Steele, (11 minutes, cross body block)
Ken Timbs & Porkchop Cash beat Rufus Jones & Italian Stallion, (slam and body press Cash pinned Stallion)
Dave Peterson beat The Barbarian dq, ($10,000 bounty) (11 minutes, outside interference)
Todd Champion d. Bill Dundee DQ, for using foreign object)
The Battens beat The Mod Squad. (24 minutes)

5/22/87 St. Joseph, MO - Civic Arena
Vinnie Valentino beat Russell Sapp (sub Mr. Pogo), (10 minutes, cross body block)
Ric McCord & Earthquake Ferris d. Warlord & Karl Kovac (14 minutes, body press)
Rip Rogers (w/Brenda Britton) beat DJ Peterson, (21:29)
Bart Batten & Bobby Jaggers beat Mr. Pogo (sub Ken Timbs) & Pork Chop Cash, (14:09, Jaggers pinned Pogo with inside cradle)
Rufus Jones beat Rip Rogers (sub Bob Brown) dq. (outside interference)

8/14/87 St. Joseph, MO - Civic Arena - A-600
Vinnie Valentino beat Russeell Sapp, (12 minutes, small package)
Ric MCCord beat Porkchop Cash, (15 minutes, dropkick)
Rufus Jones dcor Earthquake Ferris, (21 minutes, 2 freight trains and a bodypress)
Battens beat Sam Cody & Bobby Jaggers, (double dropkick)
Mike George beat Rip Rogers COR. --Another result has DDQ

10/30/87 St. Joseph, MO - Civic Arena - National TV Taping
Tony Burton vs ???
Jay STrongbow Jr drew Vinnie Valentine,
Cuban Assassin beat TC Carter,
The Battens (w/Downtown Bruno) beat Porkchop Cash & Ric McCord,
Bulldog Brown beat Earthquake Ferris for the Central States Title
Vinnie Valentino & Jay Strongbow Jr (Sub Dino Ventura and Greg Gillis) beat Prince Tapu & Russell Sapp,
Rufus Jones beat Cuban Assassin dq,
Central States Television Champion: Rip Rogers beat Mike George.

11/6/87 Beatrice, NE - City Auditorium
Rufus Jones beat Russel Sapp,
Porkchop Cash Beat Earthquake Ferris,
Cuban Assassin beat Ric McCord,
Bulldog Brown beat Rip Rogers,
Ric Patterson & The Super Destroyer beat Vinnie Valentino & Jay Strongbow Jr,
Rufus Jones won battle royal.

11/27/87 St. Joseph, MO - Civic Arena
Rip Rogers and The Cuban Assassin d. Bob Brown and Mike George DQ
Rick Patterson (sub Pat Tanaka) and Paul Diamond d. Vinnie Valentino and Porkchop Cash (16 minutes, Patterson pinned Valentino) (ad says Mike Diamond and Rick Patterson, but that's not right most likely)
Akio Sato d. Ric McCord (14 minutes, reverse karate kick)
Jay Strongbow, Jr. d. Chief Tapu (sub Rick Patterson) (12 minutes)
Steve Ray d. Russell Sapp (6 minutes, power slam)

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