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 Posted: Thu Oct 10th, 2019 11:20 pm
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DJP wrote: Yes it was announced last minute that there was a "Capture the Flag" stipulation added so nobody would have to take a bump off the scaffold. It was PN News and Bobby Eaton against Terry Taylor and Steve Austin.

The Texas Death Match at Halloween Havoc 93 between Vader and Cactus was awesome, but the way the rules were explained was stupid. After a pinfall there's a 30 second rest period THEN the person pinned has a count of 10 to reach their feet. IIRC Cactus was pinned on the ramp but Vader was also down so after the rest period ends the ref starts a 10 count for both? WTF? But before Jack can get to his feet Harley Race zaps him with a taser and Vader is declared the winner.

Thanks, DJP.
That was it. 

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