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 Posted: Fri Oct 11th, 2019 12:25 am
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DJP wrote: beejmi wrote: Heenan Fan wrote: The Hogan vs. Vader strap match at Uncensored 1995 comes to mind. Ric Flair, in drag mind you, does the job even though he wasn't a participant in the match. Classic WCW horseshit.

Oh my. I remember that ....

Not to mention there was a DQ in the Randy Savage vs Avalanche match.......after they kept hyping that the entire show was "unsanctioned" and there were no DQs.

Speaking of that, Hogan vs. Bockwinkel on I think the Super Sunday card. It was advertised as No DQ. Hogan pins him to win the AWA belt,, but Stanley Blackburn takes it away because he thinks he should be DQed for dumping Bockwinkel over the ropes moments earlier.
I never remember the Hogan vs. Bock match at Super Sunday being a no DQ match stipulation.

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