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 Posted: Fri Oct 11th, 2019 12:34 am
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More WCW goodness..

GAB 89: Luger vs Steamboat for the U.S. title. It's either a No DQ or DQ rule waived stipulation (meaning the title can change hands on a DQ). Luger refuses to wrestle unless it's changed to a regular match. Instead of saying fuck you you're stripped of the belt and it's awarded to Steamboat, promoter Gary Juster concedes. Steamboat is DQed for using a chair. I think this also turned out to be his last match in the company until 91 due to a disagreement with Jim Herd over money.

SuperBrawl I: El Gigante vs Sid Vicious in a stretcher match. Sid could give a shit because he's on his way to Stamford. He does the job in a short 2 minute bullshit match. One Man Gang runs in after and Sid just walks away without going on the stretcher.

GAB 91. Rick Steiner goes over Arn and Paul E. in another short bullshit 2 minute cage match . Missy Hyatt was supposed to be Rick's partner, but I think there was an issue with the Commission not allowing her to participate in the match. So they did an angle where the Hardliners kidnapped her or something and Rick went out by himself.

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