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 Posted: Fri Oct 11th, 2019 03:50 am
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Arnold_OldSchool wrote: I hope it comes back. There is a lot of info to dig out when needed. Of course this layoff might kill off the traffic for good.
Ditto. I still have a bunch of card results/line-ups I've shared on different folders there that I stupidly forgot to save to a separate file before the latest KM board crash. I seriously hope the board is up and running again ASAP, even though discussions and participation have been declining steadily for years. The Canadian territories in particular have a lot of great info from carlton st, TORFAN, Tim Gerrard, fan70s, Abe the Newsboy, and Beyond Salem that I would hate to see lost forever. 

Word to the wise: Copy and paste any and all threads on KM that have valuable info and good discussions and save it all on a Word file, because you never know when that board will go down for the final count. :( I plan to save a bunch of threads when the boards are back up.

I'm currently researching and looking for results, line-ups, and clippings for the following territories: International Montreal, Grand Prix Montreal, George Cannon Superstars, Mario Savoldi ICW