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 Posted: Fri Oct 11th, 2019 09:39 pm
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srossi wrote: DJP wrote: Heenan Fan wrote: Blazer wrote: Does the Sumo Monster Truck Challenge count when Hogan faced off with the Giant on the roof of Cobo Hall and then Giant fell off the roof to his tragic death.

..until he came back to life and won the World title from Hogan an hour later.
The actual title match was a bigger gimmick than the stupid monster truck challenge and The Giant falling of the roof of Cobo Hall. Remember, Giant won the belt on a DQ and was immediately forced to forfeit the strap. Classic WCW horseshit.

I think the angle was that Jimmy Hart conspired with the Dungeon of Doom and secretly put a clause in the contract where Hogan could lose the title if he got DQed and then caused him to get DQed. So the title change wasn't allowed to stand and that led to the Battle Royal, which was even more horseshit because Hogan was eliminated without really being eliminated and it made Savage look like he didn't deserve the belt.

Speaking of which, that multi-level cage match where Hogan and Savage beat every heel in the company, both the DOD and the Horsemen, was just the worst.  I remember that Pillman was advertised for this at the height of his Loose Cannon gimmick and no-showed, either legitimately or as part of the angle that wasn't really an angle, and he avoided being destroyed in the process.
That is probably the worst match I ever saw. When you consider not only was it horrible, but just the fact it was obvious that Hogan and Savage were sending a message to the entire roster that they are the only two guys that matter in the company.

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