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 Posted: Fri Oct 11th, 2019 11:24 pm
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In the wake of Dragon Lee and Rush having been fired from CMLL two weeks ago, the promotion has reached out to other promotions interested in using them for shows and are ordering them to not have them on their tv or cards or else CMLL will not send guys for their shows. They already sent a message to The Crash promotion telling them not to use them for their show last week, The Crash refused them and CMLL responded by pulling four wrestlers from the show.

Dragon Lee was to be part of the Super Junior Tag Tournament starting next week, to be teaming with Titan as posters were released with him on it but is now replaced with Volador. Rush is the current ROH World Champ and Lee is slated to return to it next month.

A bullying tactic done by CMLL and one that could come back to bite them as talent could be missing out on a lot of money not being able to do shows because of what's going on. Nothing knew in the wrestling business I guess.

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