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September 1985 continues on with....
- The Road Warriors no show an ESPN TV taping as their AWA run careens towards a bitter end. 
- A long running feud ends with a peep, not a bang. 
- SuperClash 85 proves to be the promotional high point for Pro Wrestling USA. 
- PWUSA nearly falls apart as Gagne and Crockett argue over money and talent. 
- A top heel faction loses a match to a midget. 
-  The WWF books a mega match, and brings in Mr. T to try and sink their competition in a head to head matchup. 
- Jerry Lawler and Ric Flair headline a huge show.  The backstage drama involved in booking this main event caused enough heat that no rematch was ever signed. 
- The WWF invades Jerry Jarrett's territory, with Roddy Piper on top. Would the southern wrasslin' fans embrace or rebuke the Yankee promotion? 
- Bill Watts loses the booker who sparked one of the hottest periods of business for Mid-South.  

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