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 Posted: Sat Oct 12th, 2019 07:15 pm
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srossi wrote: KGB wrote: srossi wrote: It’s frightening that Trump is getting “journalists” (if anyone exist anymore) fired, but that’s clearly what happened.
I can't believe you bought that.

“They’re (FOX News) not delivering for us.”  - Trump 3 days earlier. 

Come on. The statement alone would’ve been mind-boggling just a few years ago for a sitting president to say out loud. Now no one even notices when Trump publicly touts stats-run media. 

Trump has often referred to Fox News as "we" over the past few years. He seems to be moving his allegiance to the One America News Network. I don't know much about OANN, but they seem to be so far to the right that they almost (almost!) look like a parody news channel. It looks like Trump is trying to get their numbers high enough that they can be his channel.