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 Posted: Mon Oct 14th, 2019 03:06 pm
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Married Jo wrote: Panthers on a 4 game winning streak..they're gonna have a real issue in a few weeks when Cam is healed up and ready to come back..I personally think he still has a lot left for the team if he's actually healthy but I don't see how you can stick him back in when Allen is winning like this..
It is not  a big deal in my opinion if you are Cam and you see the schedule you wait, if he proves himself in the next there games it is over for you this season, but if he struggles you will be back and with open arms too only thing we know is Kyle Allen is a better qb than an injured Cam Newton.
Panthers next three games(49ers,Packers,Saints) after the bye , so if you are Cam and his team just get sit back and don't say a word or cause a distraction and let the schedule try to  work for you 

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