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 Posted: Mon Oct 14th, 2019 07:18 pm
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It was nice to see the Vikings get a win when they needed it. They're 4-2 and can rise to 5-2 if they win at Detroit in a game that will by no means be easy, but is certainly winnable.

I attended the win over the Eagles and it was interesting to look at the away fans and discern who was a Minnesota local who was a TV fan of the Eagles, who was from North Dakota and rooted for the Eagles because of Carson Wentz, and who came in from Philadelphia. The first two could be a little harder to tell apart, but a lot of the North Dakotans were wearing Wentz jerseys or otherwise had North Dakota State gear mixed with their Eagles gear. As for the Philly fly ins, there was a certain Northeastern swagger that isn't common here, at least not in that form, and they tended to wear gear that looked older and more worn, not to mention much more kelly green Eagles stuff as opposed to the midnight green.

There was a large contingent of fly in fans in the top level at the East end zone. They made a lot of noise early and during the comeback, but when the Vikings were laying in the boots early and then closing down the game late, they quieted down and then bolted early.