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 Posted: Mon Oct 14th, 2019 07:24 pm
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A violent parody aired this weekend at President Trump’s Miami-area golf resort — and the video’s mass sharing afterward — is yet another example of how Trump and the once-fringe movements of online trolls and meme-makers who support him have reshaped mainstream politics and the media.
The meme video, a spoof derived from a bloody action film, drew outrage from some for its depiction of Trump shooting journalists and attacking political figures who have been critical of him, both Democrats and Republicans. Some warned that the clip and others like it could incite real-world violence.
But that outrage also helped ensure the video, which had been available on YouTube for more than a year, would be circulated more widely. Trump’s online provocateurs on Monday portrayed the parody video’s viral distribution as a victory — and a reason to create more like it.