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 Posted: Mon Oct 14th, 2019 08:33 pm
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If you're Mike Tomlin, why not try to stick it out in Pittsburgh? The team has had literally three head coaches from 1969 onward; him, Bill Cowher, and Chuck Noll. Both of the latter two had some rocky seasons, but got the chance to recover and persevered. Granted the younger generation of Rooneys is now in charge and philosophies change, but history says Tomlin will get a chance to rebuild and if you're him, taking it seems like an easy choice if the best other option is in Washington.

If Mike Tomlin went to the Redskins, he'd get paid a sick amount of money and could go home to Virginia. However, what other benefit is there? What would four frustrating seasons and getting fired do to his rep and career when he would be young enough to last many more seasons. Bruce Allen is a poor GM. Daniel Snyder is a worse owner, because he's a control freak who spends outlandishly with no focus or clear goal, or he goes cheap. The Redskins are a mess and having high draft picks to rebuild with means nothing with that team because it has had many scenarios like this that have never led to any lasting turnaround. The fans and media have lost all patience and while a Mike Tomlin hire would inspire a reasonable honeymoon, they're ready to turn on the team at the moment things go south.

Even if Tomlin is stale in Pittsburgh and would want a fresh start someplace else, he'd have so many better opportunities. He'll be 48 by next season. He has had some so-so teams, but never a losing team. He has a Super Bowl title, a Super Bowl runner up spot, and has another AFC Title game appearance. He'd be nuts to go for the Redskins when there are likely to be openings soon in better spots, with the Falcons coming to mind among others.