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 Posted: Wed Oct 16th, 2019 03:57 pm
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They need to cut out the bizarre comedy. It comes off as too much of a parody at times, very close to Southpaw, as I said last week. The Austin Idol and Tony Falk stuff is just way off brand for what they are trying to do. Marquez' facials were appalling when he was interviewing Sandow (or whatever his name is now). Marquez was smirking like he was in on the whole joke, but the announcers and interviewers need to be 100% serious or it doesn't work. Sandow's interview was horrible in and of itself, and he got the reaction of a very polite comedy club. He didn't look like a wrestler, and he didn't make me want to see him fight anyone. A complete fail of a segment. I had to laugh at Cornette trying to sorta kinda put over Colt Cabana. Cabana's comedy style isn't too far removed from Orange Cassidy, who is Cornette's current Enemy No. 1.

Apart from that, there was some really good stuff on the show. The wrestling is all good, although it could do with a slightly more modern camera angle. I like that the crowd pretty much play their role perfectly (that opening interview aside). I like the feeling that everything isn't all planned out and scripted, you need a little bit of chaos in wrestling. They are doing a great job with Nick Aldis, and to a lesser extent James Storm and Eli Drake.

There's not a chance I will be paying for the NWA PPV, though.

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