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 Posted: Fri Oct 18th, 2019 03:50 am
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Low key big hog

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I really wanted a green egg but but over time I lost interest as I thought the circular grill might cause some issues with racks of ribs and briskets. At that point I consulted a friend who is all about grilling and he turned me on to Yoder

The entire time i was researching traeger but wasn’t sure for the exact reasons you listed as I mainly grill steaks. After about 900 videos and multiple conversations with people who own a traeger I went for it. I didn’t need the 1300 but the next size down was only $200 cheaper and really once I was committed what was another $200?

So far I’ve grilled / smoked; Skirt steak for fajitas, chicken thighs, cedar plank salmon, rack of lamb, burgers and I kicked it off with some flat iron steaks. I’m going to smoke a brisket tomorrow and probably throw some ribeyes on Sunday.

Seriously though everything that has come off that thing has been amazing. I’m no pit master so it’s not because of me

PM me your email and I can send you some pictures of the ribeyes when I cook them.

The only negatives so far is this thing is a pellet eating monsters between those meals and a seasoning cycle I’ve already burned 30 pounds of pellets. Traeger brand pellets go for $18 per 20 pound bag.

Assembly was simple and it was packed extremely well

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