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 Posted: Sat Oct 19th, 2019 12:24 pm
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 Bashed in the USA!

- A match I have been waiting 26 years to see shows up on this tape!
- Future nWo members collide in the least physically taxing match you'll see this week. 
- A six-man tag with loads of talented workers fails to impress. 
- Lord Al butchers the English language...I think....?
- We see if Mr. Perfect can make stamp collecting into riveting TV. 
- Shawn Michaels is profiled.  He struggles mightily in matches with Kamala and Skinner of all people, but finds his groove against the potent puncher Virgil. 
- 40 men collide in a battle royal.  The star power of the roster in the WWF in 1992 is on full display. 
- A lot of old grudges are hinted at in the skirmish.  
- Bret Hart tangles with Rick Martel in a fine little match before storyline building has to spoil things. 
- The untold story of my "run in" with Tugboat on the Internet is revealed.  Find out how I angered one of my childhood heroes with one of my articles. 
- 3 guys who had already left the WWF are featured in one tag team match. 
- The Undertaker collides with Yokozuna in a match where the entrances took longer than the battle. 
- Sigh.