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 Posted: Sun Oct 20th, 2019 01:49 am
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srossi wrote: WongLee wrote: srossi wrote: WongLee wrote: Rock & Roll is hard.

They've already said Motorhead would only be Lemmy, Clarke, and Taylor

Phil Campbell has only been in the band since 1984. What did he ever do?  Absolutely ridiculous. The problem is that those assholes know nothing about metal, and don’t want to learn, so they determine their highest honor by going on Wikipedia for 12 minutes. They’d never disrespect a funk band like that.
Mikey Dee was in over twenty years also. But all accounts he basically ran the band the whole time he was in it.

I love Mikky Dee but Campbell made him look like a junior member. They both belong obviously. But I doubt Motorhead will even be inducted so it’s a moot point. I really wish they could’ve gotten it with Lemmy alive so he could’ve told them all to go fuck themselves. That’s why they never nominated them before I guess. 

According to Slash (a reliable source if there ever was one), the HOF admitted they fucked up and added Phil and Mikkey. 

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.