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 Posted: Fri Oct 25th, 2019 04:48 am
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tamalie wrote: Heenan Fan wrote: Thanks for the posts bpick. The fact that the XFL Championship Game is on ESPN and not on Fox or ABC is major bush league in my opinion.
I'd have said that at one time, but the idea an event isn't big league if it's on cable went away a long time ago. The networks have slightly more reach, but it's not like it was. The CFP and Final Four have been on cable and done fine. The XFL is aiming at a niche audience anyway. The people who really want to see it, will find it.
But when was the last time The Super Bowl, or The World Series, or The NBA Championship Series, or The Stanley Cup Final, or The Indy 500, or The Daytona 500, or Wrestlemania, etc., we're s scheduled for a non ppv cable channel? Never.

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