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 Posted: Mon Oct 28th, 2019 09:32 am
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04/18/32 New Britain CT
Tony Ferrone beat Bull Curry
Fred Bruno draw Julius Turner
Jack Burns draw Mike Polowano
Steve Passas beat Charles Metro
Stanislaus Zbyszko beat Bullneck Brown

07/15/32 Hartford CT
Bull Curry draw Fred Bruno
Pat Reilly draw Stanley Stickney
Billy Bartush beat Paul Finsky
Karol Zbyszko draw Len Macaluso
Joe Malcewicz beat Stanley Pinto

07/27/32 Boston MA
Bull Curry vs Ed McNeil
Al Staples Bill Rudy Ed Muise Jimmy Trephon Battle Royal
Fred Nelson vs Sahib Seibeg
Mike Tellegen vs Rocky Stone
Jim Wallis vs Nick Coste
Great Angelo vs Stewart Spears
Dynamite Dunn vs Mephisto
Fred Bruno vs Steve Passas

08/01/32 Lynn MA
Fred Bruno beat Bull Curry
Jimmy Trephon won battle royal
Al Whitman draw Mike Tellegen
Bill Dolan draw Jim Wallis
Jack Ryerson beat Dynamite Dunn DQ
Ted Germaine beat Stewart Spears

08/03/32 Boston MA
Bull Curry vs Ed McNeil
Steve Passas vs Fred Bruno
Mephisto vs Dynamite Dunn
Art Flynn vs Bill Dolan
Stewart Spears vs Great Angelo
Jim Muise vs Jim Trephon
Jim Longacre vs Bill Rudy
Fred Nelson vs Sahib Seibeg
Jim Wallis vs Nick Coste
Rocky Stone vs Mike Tellegen

08/10/32 Boston MA
Bull Curry draw Ed McNeil
Paul Adams beat Louis Poplin
Stewart Spears draw Jerry Torti
Bill Dolan draw Jack Morgan
Ted Germaine beat the Great Angelo
Jim Wallis beat Nick Coste
Art Flynn beat Kid Cory
Bill Rudy beat Ed Muise Jimmy Trephon & Al Staples battle royal

08/17/32 Boston MA
Great Mephisto Julius Woronick beat Bull Curry
Steve Passas beat Fred Bruno
Jim Trephon beat Frank Nerio
Sahib Siebeg draw Nick Coste
Al Whiting beat Tony Papalino DQ
John Iovanna draw Mike Tellegen
Dynamite Dunn draw Swen Siskey
Bill Dolan beat Fred DeMar
Ted Germaine draw Bill Brooks
Art Flynn beat Nick George

08/22/32 Lynn, MA
Fred Bruno beat Bull Curry
Ted Germaine beat Stewart Spears
Jack Ryerson beat Dynamite Dunn DQ
Jim Wallis draw Bill Dolan
Al Whiting draw Mike Tellegen
Jimmy Trephon won battle royal

08/24/32 Boston MA
Bull Curry beat Frank Downing
Mephisto beat Art Flynn
Bill Brooks beat Stewart Spears
Ed McNeil draw Tony Colesano
Bill Dolan beat Kid Cory
Jim Trephon beat Marshall Muise
Rocky Stone draw Mike Tellegen
Jim Wallis draw Carrol Cranston
Jackie Nichols draw Bill Rudy

09/05/32 Lynn MA
Bull Curry beat Jackie Nichols
Arthur Flynn beat Sahib Seibeg DQ
John Swenski beat Marshall Muise
Jim Wallis draw Tony Papalino
Bill Dolan draw Al Whiting

09/14/32 Boston MA
Fred Bruno beat Bull Curry
Mephisto beat Nick Coste
Al Vantres beat Bill Rudy
Jack Ryerson draw John Iovanna
Mike Tellegen beat Joseph DeMar
Joe Costello draw Bill Brooks
Bill Dolan beat Tony Papalino
Art Flynn draw Cowboy Hughes

10/05/32 Boston MA
Jim Wallis beat Bull Curry
Paul Adams beat Ted Germaine
Winn Robbins draw Dynamite Dunn
Cowboy Hughes beat Frank Downey
Ed McNeil draw Fred Crosby
Jack Morgan draw Carroll Cranston
Turtle Sparks beat Joe Costello
Swen Swenski draw Stewart Spears

10/13/32 Springfield MA
Bull Curry beat Fred Bruno
Ted Germaine beat Gus Bruyn
Jack Myerson beat Marshall Muise
Mike Tellegen draw Winn Robbins
Bill Dolan beat Eddie Dupont
Cowboy Hughes draw Dynamite Dunn

11/09/32 Boston MA
Bull Curry draw Winn Robbins 
Art Flynn beat Nick Coste
George Wilczewski beat Sahib Thomas DQ
Ted Germaine beat Jim Logios
George Myerson beat Gus Bruyn
Fered Bruno beat Frank Downey
Gorilla Cranston beat Bob Stanley

11/22/32 Hartford CT
Bull Curry beat Charlie Anderson
Ernie Dussett draw Max Rosen
Charles Metro beat Frank Miller
Paul Petcen draw Paul Adams
Johnny Angelo beat Jack Olson
Steve Passas beat Cowboy Hughes

11/26/32 Meriden CT
Bull Curry beat Eddie Drew
Fred Bruno beat Sailor Jack Olson
Jack Burns draw Charley Metro
Frank Miller beat Louie Evans

11/30/32 Boston MA
Bull Curry draw Art Flynn
Steve Passas beat Fred Bruno
Nick Coste draw Winn Robbins
George Dusette beat Dynamite Dunn
George Nerio won battle royal
Paul Adams beat Tiger Lewis
Ted Germaine beat Gus Bruyn
Mike Tellegan draw Rocky Stone

12/28/32 Boston MA
Bull Curry draw Art Flynn
Ted Germaine beat Ed Fiella
George Dusette beat Nick Coste
Stewart Spears draw Lightning Dalton
Al Whiting beat Dynamite Dunn
Jack Walsh beat Ed Roberts & Bill Foley
Mephisto beat Swede Nelson
Fred Bruno beat Frank Miller
Bill Dolan draw Jack Burns
John Iovanna beat Guy Bixby
Frank Thibeau draw Chuck Pompano
George Nerio draw Jack Weber
Mickey Roach beat Bill McCarthy
Joe Spanks draw Mike McDonald
Bill Rustee draw Frank Pearson

12/29/32 Lynn MA
Bull Curry draw Bill Rudy
Art Flynn beat Dynamite Dunn
Ted Germaine beat Lightning Dalton
John Iovanna beat Fred Bruno
Jack Walsh draw John Swenski
Sahib Siebeg beat Al Whiting

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