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 Posted: Tue Oct 29th, 2019 02:19 am
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I want to know when the statute of limitations on making a mistake runs its course. Hogan said something bad like a dozen years ago, he was angry, confused, and hurting. It was dumb. He paid for it, a lot. And he did the best he could to make good with people. Yet this tooth shirt guy is going to shit all over him? He doesn’t even know him. I don’t say that what the ol’ Huckster did was right, not in the least. But when you fuck up, normally you get a chance to make good. Which is why this guy actually deserves a chance to apologize and make good. So WWE says that they cleared their shirt with the talent. Shouldn’t matter what color it is, but if you look at WWE shirts, a good majority are black - because black shirts sell. The part of this that I can’t believe is that somebody in 2019 took a black man who’s gimmick is his big smile and give him a t-shirt to match. How many of those shirts did they think would sell? The whole thing just sounds ridiculous to me.

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