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 Posted: Thu Oct 31st, 2019 02:45 pm
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So what are some of the opinions you carry that go completely against the grain of popular opinion. Where do you stand on certain singers, bands, vaudeville that would even cause your own sainted mother to hate your guts. Now I'm not talking about the mundane everyday stuff like Beatles vs. Stones or whether or not you hate Springsteen, U2, Coldplay or a million other multi-platinum bands that you just don't like. I'm looking for specific things. Some of mine.
-Freddie Mercury did not have that good a voice - I've seen Queen six times back in the day. While every show they did was amazing, it was because they were so tight as a band and the songs were timeless. However, Freddie's voice live was just not that good. Every single time I saw them he did nothing to blow me away with vocal gymnastics. He sounded flat most of time to me. Of course these days he's thought of as a god. I think the vast majority of people who think that never saw them in their prime.

-Ronnie Van Zant had zero charisma. Another guy who's raised up to sainthood in death. Ronnie had a mediocre voice. Was short and almost squat. Was not a true frontman in any way, shape or form. Once again, the songs and musicianship carried the band. I enjoyed Skynyrd just as much in 2017 when I saw them as much as I did in 1977.

-KISS doesn't suck. I was first attracted to them in 1975 by their songs. Even though their first three albums were horribly engineered, to me, the quality of songs shone through. To me, they were a band which actually improved every year. They peaked musically on Revenge which was far into their non-makeup years. Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr were better than Peter and Ace even though Peter and Ace are the icons. They have a large catalogue of amazing songs and their ballard type stuff was off the charts.

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