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 Posted: Thu Oct 31st, 2019 02:55 pm
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Black Sabbath was better with Dio than with Ozzy

That John Corabi album was the best that Motley Crue ever sounded.

Sammy Hagar blows David Lee Roth away and it’s not even close.

KISS absolutely fucking blows in every way. 

The Beatles are overrated and McCartney in particular is a moderate talent at best who was carried by Lennon and Harrison. 

For the most part, punk sucked just as much as disco. 

“The Spaghetti Incident?” is a killer album, maybe the best cover albums ever. 

Cinderella is one of the most talented bands that came out of the ‘80s. 

Rock isn’t dead and there’s a lot of talented young bands out there if you give local live music a chance.

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